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Security Self Storage
219 Walnut St, Napa CA 94559
  • Cameras
  • Fully Fenced
  • High ceilings
  • Month to month rentals
  • Online bill payment
  • All 4 major credit cards accepted
Security Storage

SSM Text Messenger

SSM Text Messenger - SSM Text Messenger sends the following messages to tenants to improve customer satisfaction, increase sales and also automate follow-up processes.
  • Payment Reminder Alert
  • Past Due Alert

  • Based on pre-defined settings, SSM Text Messenger will send text messages to tenants with balance due, either as Payment Reminder alert or Past Due alert, listing the outstanding balance along with two links, “Click-To-Pay” to make online payment and “Click-To-Call” to call a number to make payment over the phone. The storage operator has the option to decide how many days before after the Payment Due Date each type of alert should be sent.

  • If the Click-to-Pay link in the text message is clicked, the tenant will be prompted to make online payment from their cell phone. If the Click-to-Call link is clicked, tenant will be able to make payment over the phone. The Click-to-Call phone number can be linked to either the store number of call center number.

  • Credit Card decline alert can also be sent to tenants who have signed up for automatic credit card payment with a link to go online and enter new credit card details.

  • Every message sent is logged under the Notes section of the SSM Tenant Ledger.

  • SSM Text Messenger module provides valuable analytics such as number of messages sent for a range of dates, messages clicked by tenants to make payments online or via phone and number of online payments and call center payments received as a result of text messages sent.

  • Automates your Past-due Notification and Credit Card Decline Notification process.
  • Easy to Setup and Implement.
  • Tight integration with SSM.
  • Improves Customer Service by alerting tenants in a timely manner.
  • Makes it easier for tenants to make immediate payments by clicking on the Payment link or Click-to-call link.
  • Reduces the need for Collection Calls and increases Productivity.
  • Improves Cash Flow through higher conversion rates compared to Email, Direct mail or Collection Calls.
  • Ability to generate reports by location on Messages sent, Messages Failed, No Response, Click-To-Change-AutoCC, Click-To-Pay and Click-To-Call.
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